Resolutions Redux

Yesterday I wrote about the “fast-food” nature of New Year’s resolutions. Fast food solves a hunger problem, but it sure isn’t good for you…


Lawrence Cheok has a different view of New Year’s resolutions that he shares at Dumb Little Man. Read his views here. (Lawrence regularly writes A Long Long Road — I recommend it.)

Resolutions don’t have to be the fast food of your personal development menu. Check out Lawrence’s suggestions, and then (if I may be so bold), instead of applying them to “resolutions”, apply them to all of your goals throughout the year. January 1st is not the only day for setting new goals.Your approach to goals and life’s benchmarks is exactly that — yours. No matter how you do it, you should still be employing a handful of fundamentals:

  • Write your goals down (somewhere you’ll see them throughout the day).
  • Make your goals specific.
  • Set a specific time frame — a deadline.
  • Break down big goals into small, manageable steps.
  • List the reasons “why” — attach as much emotion as you can to each of your goals.

If January 1 seems like a good time to jump start your life, then by all means go for it. Once you experience success, you’ll be using the same ideas and enjoying the same excitement throughout the year.

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  1. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the mention and recommendation.

    I agree with you. That the steps apply not only to resolutions, but to goals in general as well.

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