Another Pause

Writing at Dumb Little Man today, David Bohl presents a different point of view than the one presented here over the past few days. (This love, happiness, and productivity stuff sure is popular at this time of year…).

Get the other side of the story here.

You are free to reach your own conclusions (obviously), but I think David is taking a halfway approach. (I am not bashing the guy! I’m simply disagreeing with his conclusions in a mild kind of way…).

Life is not an either/or proposition. You may not necessarily love what you do today, but you can certainly aspire to ultimately do something you truly do love. The student/required course work scenario discussed earlier is a perfect example of this idea in action.

Many things in our lives are parts of the journey towards our ultimate goal. These “things”, and even our goals, are not static — goals will change or be modified, things we feel are important today may not seem so important tomorrow.

What we’re really talking about is a mindset. An attitude. A way of life. You don’t have to “accept” anything. You can do, or be, and become anything you choose.

That includes being in love with what you do and being happy.

(Steve Jobs is going to tell us more in the next post.)

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