Loving What You Do — Case Study

Okay, so maybe it’s not really a case study, but it is a real life monologue about doing what you love.

Steve Tobak wrote yesterday about the Back-to-Work-Blues (at Train Wreck — a CNET.com blog).


Steve says he’s never had the Sunday night/Monday morning blues, and he attributes it to pursuing the things that he’s passionate about and that excite him. It doesn’t hurt that he seems to have a healthy, overall attitude as well.

Look, at this stage of the game, maybe you’re tired of reading about this “do what you love” drek. But as Tobak points out (and as Jobs pointed out yesterday), life is too short to be caught up in doing things that hurt you rather than excite you.

We’ll move on, okay? But let’s keep excitement and passion at the back of our minds (that’s excitement and passion about your day…not the gutter-minded things that just popped into your head.)

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