The Branson Outlook

A family member (thanks Mom!) was kind enough to give me a copy of Richard Branson’s Screw it, Let’s do it for Christmas. I’m not always a huge Branson fan (he’s a bit of a showman for me), but Mom said the book came highly recommended.


It’s a very quick read, and it’s very straight-forward. I don’t think Sir Richard was trying to do anything more than share his views on life (and he avoided the typical showmanship in doing so).

In my opinion, we tend to over complicate our lives. Here’s Branson’s list of key points to make life a bit less complicated and less difficult:

  • Just do it (a “borrowed” phrase, I suppose?)
  • Think yes, not no
  • Challenge yourself
  • Have goals
  • Have fun
  • Make a difference
  • Stand on your own feet
  • Be loyal
  • Live life to the full

There’s a bit of redundancy in that list, so let’s focus on the basics: we should have challenging goals that are fun for us while making a difference as we see it. We’ve got one shot at life, so let’s get the most out of it and let’s never “settle”. Be positive, and act! Do!

How’d I do? Branson’s ideas aren’t necessarily new, but the ideas have been put into (successful) action. That’s good enough for me. You?

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