Resolution Meltdown

It’s that time of year again…time for those New Year’s resolutions to be tossed out the window! You failed, baby!


Oh, the disappointment. The frustration.

Week Three of the New Year is when gym attendance levels drop back to normal, diet commercials on television are replaced by commercials proclaiming “diets don’t work”, and that snazzy new organizer is lost in a pile on your desk. What happened?

First, realize that you’re not alone. There’s a reason the gyms get quieter, diet commercials go away, and so on — this is a very common time period for “failure”. Some “experts” say that for a habit to have any chance of becoming permanent, one must engage in said habit for 21 days. Others claim that 30 days is the magic number. Regardless of which number you choose, you’re getting close to prime fail time.

Personally, I think 30 days is the time you should invest in any change in your life. But! I also think that 21 days is the center of the “trap”. This is the time period where failure is most likely, and as such, it’s the time that we really need to put our heads down and stay the course.

Before you give up, and before you get depressed and down on yourself, remember to take another (fresh) look at your resolutions. Is each one really important to you? Can you see, hear, taste and smell what it feels like when you reach your goal? Are you visualizing success? Do you still get excited by suceeding?

Some of those resolutions might have been decided in haste. Reevaluate, double check the plan of attack, and enjoy the feelings today that success will bring tomorrow. Stick with the resolutions that make sense and toss the others guilt-free.

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