Stick This?

In the world of motivation and productivity, I suppose nothing should surprise me. Money has been spent, lost, or wasted by people trying to find a magic bullet for their lives, and money has been made by those claiming to have the bullet for sale.


But now there’s a new twist: Stickk. Developed by some Yale folks (smart people), Stickk encourages you to “put a contract out on yourself”. In a nutshell, you make a bet with yourself and you select a referee. If you achieve your goal (monitored by said referee in weekly steps), then you’re not losing money. If you fail, the money goes to a friend, relative, homeless person, or other worthwhile charity that you select. The money can even go to an “anti-charity”; if you hate guns, for example, your hard-earned cash can go to the NRA if you fail to reach your goal.

Interesting, huh? I’d certainly say so.

But if you need this kind of motivation to reach your goals, you’re probably not doing a good job of figuring out what’s important to you and what matters. The Stickk approach can be fun, I’m sure. But it should not be a necessity.

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