Different Circumstances; Different Approach

In my business (one of them), there are many industry “standards” that don’t make a whole lot of sense. One of those is the “rush”.

A client will call in, or fax, or email an order, and somewhere on the order will be the word RUSH. Better yet, we often see SUPER RUSH. What does this mean?

RUSH can mean a bunch of different things. It can mean “I need it in ten days” (in which case it’s not a rush), or it can mean “I need it today” (most certainly a SUPER RUSH). Without more information, it’s impossible for us to know.

Most of my competitors address the RUSH quandary by simply picking their own delivery date. “I guess he needs it in a couple of days…” That makes a lot of sense, right? (No wonder we run circles around our competitors).

We call the client and ask for a specific drop-dead date. Sometimes a rush really isn’t. By calling, we’ve clarified the time-frame and we’ve saved everyone a lot of headaches. We’ve also had a chance to be professional in the eyes of our clients.

In these kinds of circumstances, it is absolutely imperative that you get as much detailed information as possible.

When it comes to your goals, the opposite is true (almost). Yes, you want to make your goals specific. Yes, you want to have a deadline. Yes, you want to be accountable along the way. I’m not suggesting that you “wing it” entirely.

But I am suggesting that you allow room for a little “faith”. What’s this mean?

It means that you pick a goal, you pick a deadline, and you let the rest work itself out. If you choose your goals wisely, and if you allow all of your senses to get actively involved (“I can see my success, I can feel it, I can smell it, I can taste it”), if you can visualize your world once you’ve succeeded in reaching your goal, your brain will take care of the details.

If you’ve read The Secret (good book), or if you’ve read any of the many books that discuss the Law of Attraction, you know that there is this idea of “the universe” and “vibrations” at work. The Universe responds to the vibrations (the feelings) you’re putting out, and it delivers that which is most dominant in your mind. The Universe works in the background, and it works in profound ways.

Whether or not you understand or believe in these ideas, I know you’ve experienced something good that “just happened”. You can’t explain it; you didn’t put any effort into it. It “just happened”.

That’s often a result of your mind working in the background to untangle some problem or address some challenge. Learn from this kind of experience; let your mind do its thing.

When setting goals, it’s often best to set a really big one and let the rest work itself out. A common example of this is when Kennedy proclaimed that the US was going to the moon by the end of the decade. We didn’t have the technology, we didn’t know how we were going to do it, but we knew we were going to. We accepted this on faith. We took the leap.

Sometimes you need to drill down to the finest, most minute details in life. But sometimes, especially when it comes to the big picture, you’ve got to just let it happen.

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