First Black Superbowl Ref

Who cares?

Does that sound callous and coarse? Politically incorrect? If it does, you’re reading the wrong guy’s stuff.

I am no fan of affirmative action or anything that distinguishes us based on race or gender. I’m not a fan of “first black” or “first female” anything.

Some may claim that we’re recognizing accomplishment. I say “bull”. What we’re doing is pretending that somehow a black person (or a female) doesn’t have the ability to achieve what a white male (for example) can.

By separating and acknowledging achievement by race and/or gender, we’re perpetuating the idea that race or gender are obstacles on the road to success. We’re breathing life into the notion that a “black person can’t” or “a woman never will”.

Was there a time when race was a factor in a person’s ability to succeed ? Absolutely. Are there still racial barriers in our society? You bet. The same applies to gender as well. We still have a lot of work to do in our society.

But we’re not helping matters any by recognizing every “black” or “female” accomplishment. In fact, we’re making the problem worse. By pretending that “the first black ref” is extraordinary, we’re actually sending a message to black kids that “this guy is the exception. Do not try this at home.”

Some will claim that we’re holding up these individual black or female success stories as an example of what someone can do. “It’s an inspiration!”

Great. Then inspire by recognizing the man or the woman. Recognize the individual. But stop adding adjectives.

You can read the story here. The ref’s name is Mike Carey. Is he exceptional? You bet he is. He’s damn good at his job. And that has nothing to do with being black.

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