Broke is temporary; poor is a a state of mind

The headline is a phrase many are familiar with, but I felt compelled to repeat it when commenting on Trent’s post at The Simple Dollar. Take a moment to read it here and you’ll understand why.

I have been broke many, many times in my life. I can honestly say I have never been poor. In times of extreme financial crisis (and believe me, I’ve been there), even then (!) I always knew that my circumstances would improve and my setback was temporary.

When it comes to life, we don’t have the luxury of wallowing around in our own self pity while blaming others or outside circumstances for our lot. Each one of us has to remember that “this is MY life, dammit, and I’m NOT going to let X, Y, or Z ruin it!”

Nothing and nobody has a right to control your destiny and your happiness. Nothing and nobody except you, of course…

Trent makes some good points — go check out his post.

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