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It’s been a few days since the last post. There’s a reason for this emptiness in our collective lives, and I’d like to explain:

I started Motivated Performance as a purely selfish exercise. Yes, I wanted to see how many subscribers and readers I could attract, and yes, I wanted to learn more about “monetizing” a blog. But my main purpose was to simply get thoughts down “on paper”.

By writing about subjects that interest me, I learn more about the subjects that interest me. This is an exercise that serves me first and others second. (Selfish, I know…)

But the “serve others” part isn’t working out in a way I’m happy with. There are lots of sites that focus on personal development and improvement and some a very good. I try to keep tabs on both the good and the bad to learn about the subject (my main interest) while also learning about delivering the message (my secondary objective).

Unfortunately, folks that write for a living have to make a living. (That is the point, right?) To do so, these otherwise good writers use the latest techniques and “methods” to drive readership and subscription numbers. I do not write for a living (I’d be broke), but I have noticed a trend amongst those that do: the “list”.

A numbered or bulleted list is allegedly the sure-fire way to deliver the message (and thus attract readers). This may or may not be true, but it’s been deemed “effective” in the blogosphere. As a result, posts that might otherwise contain great ideas delivered in a great manner are turned into “lists” in the hopes of ending up on the front page of some social networking site. Yuk.

It’s particularly troubling to see this kind of behavior in a niche that’s allegedly focused on individuality and creative self improvement. As a group, the writers and readers that are interested in improving their lives are not supposed to behave like a bunch of lemmings.

I’m not interested in conforming to these “latest” ideas and/or methods, and I’m not interested in producing work that looks like everyone else’s work. I’m also not going to work to “stay focused” on a specific topic (personal development) when the subject matter seems to be suffering a degree of commoditization. Wow…I hope that’s a word.

As such, a lot will stay the same here, but some stuff is going to change. First, a redesign is in order. I threw this site together in days with the help of a web designer/developer. I think he did a good job (given the time constraints and that he had to work with a neophyte like me), but an update is in order. It’s coming.

Second, the purpose of the initial exercise has been accomplished. In the first 30 days of this site’s existence, I did what I set out to do. We’ll continue posting on personal development and self improvement, but we’re also going to post on just about anything we want.

Much of this will revolve around current events. Individually, we really can’t produce much change in the world (with rare exceptions). But collectively, if we’re on top of “what’s happening”, and if we take the time to educate ourselves, we can change a lot. Power shifts from the governed (where it belongs) to the government when we get lazy. Let’s not be lazy.

So! Get ready for a change. Actually, get ready for a couple of changes. It’s going to be fun!

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