The Chosen One

“One of us is ready to be commander in chief,” Hillary Clinton told a crowd in New York. “Let’s get real. Let’s get real about this election, let’s get real about our future, let’s get real about what it is we can do together.”

Senator Clinton is certain that she’s smarter than any of us.  That’s why she’s decided that Obama isn’t ready to be president.  I’m no Obama fan, but last time I checked, it wasn’t up to Mrs. Clinton to choose our next president.  It’s up to all of us.

Mrs. Clinton is also so smart that she has a plan to end what she calls the “foreclosure crisis”.  You can check out her press release here.   Personally, I think the whole idea of intervening in one of the largest segments of our economy is particularly arrogant.  If Mrs. Clinton successfully ends the banking industry’s ability to foreclose on loans in default, she essentially eliminates the collateral that determines (in part) the cost the borrower pays for the loan.  In other words, mortgages become similar to credit card debt.  Have you checked interest rates on credit cards recently?  How many potential home buyers will be forced out of the market when faced with higher mortgage interest rates?  What happens to the housing market then?

But alas, I’m an idiot.  As Clinton strategist Mark Penn points out “she is the only person in this race who is both ready to be commander in chief and she is the only one with a real plan for managing the economy” (emphasis mine).  I always thought that our economy was market-driven, and I always thought that it functioned reasonably well when left alone.  We are the wealthiest nation on earth, after all.  A market-driven economy seems to experience hiccups only when government gets involved.  But Mrs. Clinton is so smart that she’ll manage the economy for us.

There have been smart people in several communist countries that have tried to do something similar, but those smart people always failed.  Mrs. Clinton will show the world that she is indeed the smartest person to ever reign in history.  And she’s humble too.

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    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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