Congress v. Clemens

The New York Times reports that Congress has officially asked the Justice Department to investigate Roger Clemens who faces possible perjury charges.  Read the article here.

Given our current political, economic, and national security environments, one would think that Congress would have better things to do with their time.  Congressional democrats and republicans should be ashamed of themselves.

This investigation is more about political posturing than it is about the veracity of Clemens’ testimony or the dangers of steroid use.  Steroids are illegal without a prescription.  If Congress were serious about enforcing the law, it could easily do so without hearings, grandstanding and testimony.

There was no need for a Mitchell Report, and there’s even less need for the political food fight that’s being waged to attack or defend on party lines.  Congress — and Chairman Waxman especially — have overstepped boundaries defined by both the law and by common sense.

Guilty or not (of perjury or steroid use), Roger Clemens does not deserve to be used as a pawn in a political brawl.  More importantly, we should hold members of Congress accountable for recklessly destroying a man’s reputation.

Steroid use is not a matter of National Security.  Steroid use does not affect the health and vitality of our economy.  Steroid use has nothing to do with a whole host of problems we’re faced with in the country.  And yet, our elected officials are ruining lives while wasting our time and money.

When will we make them stop?

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