Like most people, I am very intolerant of hypocritical people. This is one reason I find it easy to write about politicians. They’re easy targets in the hypocrisy game, and they’re excellent examples of how not to lead a high performance life (their perceived power and status notwithstanding).

I live in New York (part time). Over the last few years, my patience with the weather and with the politicians has worn incredibly thin. New York politicians fall very low on the totem pole of political integrity. These folks are so corrupt (and hypocritical) that one wonders how any of them stay out of jail. Eliot Spitzer is one politician in particular that has asked us all to sing to one tune while he dances to another.

In today’s New York Times, take a look at this piece detailing Spitzer’s tactics in raising campaign contributions. Spitzer announced a self-imposed “cap” on contributions to his campaign in an effort to cleanse the system of corruption. Like most things political, an effort to do one thing results in just the opposite; in this case, Spitzer is respecting the cap to his campaign while encouraging donors to contribute bonus funds to a democrat party account that he controls.

Also in typical political fashion, the hypocrite blames someone else for his actions. The Times reports that “Mr. Spitzer’s aides acknowledge encouraging contributors to give to both accounts, but say they are abiding by the law and the governor’s pledge, while trying to match the bare-knuckle politics of state Republicans.”

Oh those nasty, bare-knuckled republicans…

Say one thing, do another, blame someone else…it’s amazing to me that an entire generation leads their lives this way. It’s even more amazing that as a society, we elect these people to positions of power.

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