A Liberal Behaving Like an Adult

It’s rare, I know…but in today’s Wall Street Journal, George McGovern proves that left-leaners can think and behave like responsible adults.  Check out his piece here.

McGovern argues that eliminating options and choices for individuals does not lead to a healthier society.  In today’s political climate, we have candidates from both parties telling us they’ll save us from “unfair” mortgages, they’ll pay for our health care, and they’ll save us from ourselves when we need cash (all examples in McGovern’s column).

This is crazy.  We’re a country built on a sense of personal responsibility our “leaders” are trying to squash.  At their roots, Americans are rugged individualists that also possess a strong sense of community.  We know when someone needs help, and we’re more than happy to provide it.

When I think “McGovern”, I think of the guy that lost one of the most lopsided presidential elections in history  (520-17 in the Electoral College).  But in doing a little homework for this blurb, I learned that McGovern was a mature liberal even then.  In his telegram to Nixon conceding defeat, McGovern wrote, “I hope that in the next four years you will lead us to a time of peace abroad and justice at home. You have my full support in such efforts”.

Can you see Hillary being as gracious to Obama?  Only if the cameras were running…

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