Low Performance Approaches to Low Performance Policitics

In today’s Sunday Times (London), the democrats are portrayed as a bunch of bumbling idiots and Hillary is portrayed as a ruthless, self-serving politician:

However, the new strategy explains why Clinton is prepared to mount an assault on Obama that risks handing victory to McCain in the autumn. It is worth badly wounding her rival because she believes she has found a way to win.

“If she wins big in Pennsylvania, she can rack up a majority of several hundred thousand votes and be in hailing distance of Obama. So stay tuned,” said William Galston, an elections expert at the Brookings Institution.

Clinton’s new tactics depend on clearing up a mess in Florida and Michigan, which are banned from seating delegates at the convention because they defied party rules by holding early primary contests.

Obama leads Clinton by nearly 600,000 in the number of votes cast to date, but trails her by 30,000 if the votes of the two “rogue” states are counted. These states are now likely to stage some form of rerun.

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives who will play a critical role in the event of a near-tie at the convention, met leading Clinton officials last week to discuss Florida and Michigan “do-overs”, the role of superdelegates and the campaign’s increasingly vitriolic tone.

Tad Devine, a senior Democratic strategist who has overseen bitter convention battles, said Obama was still the favourite to win. “He has a 50-state strategy and she has a 15-state strategy and in the end that may be decisive,” he said. “The most important factor for the superdelegates will be who has the most pledged delegates.”

Clinton will need improbably large victories in the remaining contests to narrow the 100-plus delegate gap that Obama has established. His lead is likely to grow after Mississippi votes on Tuesday.


Over the past twelve years, the democrats have whined, cheated, bullied, manipulated, and otherwise acted like a bunch of spoiled children when it comes to elections. They can’t get their own primaries right; how are they going to get government right?

Changing the rules in the middle of the game? By the way, they want the Florida and Michigan taxpayers to foot the bills for their “re-runs”. Reasonable, right?

Superdelegates subordinating voters? Popular vote outweighing their own system of pledged delegates? “Scorched earth” mentality? Hillary apparently thinks that if she can’t have the nomination, Obama can’t either — she’ll hand the election to McCain.

Which brings me to another problem: McCain. Republicans might behave more maturely than democrats (unless they control Congress…then they spend like little kids with coins burning holes in their pockets), but McCain is a caricature of a politician. The phrases “What do you want me to say? I’ll say it?” seem to be his mantra. This guy doesn’t know where he stands, and if he does, he’s doing a poor job of communicating it.

The media loves him for two reasons: 1.) he bashes fellow republicans, and 2.) he most likely can’t win against Clinton or Obama. What’s not to love from the left-leaning, biased press?

And yet, McCain is increasingly being handed the chance to win. Clinton’s selfishness combined with Obama’s inexperience just might be enough — and then we’re in real trouble.

A President McCain is a president without core principals, and that spells disaster for all of us.

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