Abuse of the Sword

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Alan Dershowitz claims that American laws are too broad.  The breadth of these laws leaves ample room for abusive prosecution.  Dershowitz claims that Eliot Spitzer was wrongfully targeted using this abusive power.

American laws may indeed be too broad when it comes to money laundering and prostitution.  But Dershowitz  must have missed the rise of first prosecutor and then Attorney General Spitzer.  The man made a career out of abusive prosecution.

Dershowitz goes on to question the veracity of leaked reports as to how Spitzer was caught.  “Experts” doubt that the truth developed along the lines the story has unfolded.  Perhaps so…but welcome to the world of Spitzer’s victims.  Spitzer used leaks, lies, exaggerations, and the ultimate power of his office to destroy the lives of countless people.  Does a man like this think he won’t have enemies?  Does a man who “lives by the sword” actually think he won’t some day die by it?

If he does, he’s an arrogant idiot.  We have enough of those in politics.  Good riddance, Eliot.  I feel sorry for your daughters.  I feel only contempt towards you.

And Mr. Dershowitz?  Let’s work on that nasty hypocrisy problem, shall we?

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