Do ya’ think?

Harvard published a study today that links increased insurgent activity in Iraq to “anti-resolve” media reports here in the US. Fox News reports here; a co-author of the study shared the news originally with US News and World Report.

Um…is this a surprise? I realize left-leaning politicians have a job to do, and I also understand that part of that job is to be against anything a Republican president wants to do or what Republicans in general might want to do. Unfortunately, in pursuing these short-sighted goals, real people die. Some of those people are Americans, and some of those are Iraqis.

So, any left-leaner worth his salt might say “hey, if we weren’t there in the first place, people wouldn’t be dying”. That statement is partly true — Americans in Iraq wouldn’t be dying. But Iraqis would most certainly be dying just as they died by the thousands under Saddam Hussein. And Americans might also be dying in other parts of the world — or even in the US — as terror attacks continued.

You don’t have to agree with the action in Iraq. You are absolutely entitled to disagree. But! Common decency (and maybe a little patriotic support?) suggest that you might not want more people to die. We don’t need politicians and media outlets taking the other side. And as the Harvard (no conservative bastion) study points out, the media reports we see every day basically do just that.

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